2013 m. balandis 22 d., pirmadienis

TV Busting

This time I got 2 old TVs, so I thought why not test my hammer on them.
sadly forgot to cut off the implosion band

2013 m. kovas 27 d., trečiadienis

Exploding coconuts

I always wanted to know what would happen to a coconut when i connect it to electricity. So I did.
I found 2inch (5.1cm) screws(electrodes). Then I drilled 2 holes in coconut 5cm apart, screwed the screws in and connected to mains voltage with 1000w ballast in series.
Result was that coconut exploded quite nicely. exploding coconuts are in the beginning of the video, rest of it is just playing with electricity.
Note: Do not try this at home. Exploding coconuts aren't exactly safe.

10000Amp Transformer

I made this transformer from very old welding transformer (custom made) it had quite big core and had enough space between primary and secondary winding so i could wind few winding of 200mill cable. I made 2 windings and connected them in parallel so that I get more current. After testing and calculating it turned out to be around 10kA.

2013 m. kovas 25 d., pirmadienis

Tesla coil power transmission

  I've working on this project for a while.  I'm quite pleased with my results. So far I was able to transmit power over distance of 40-50cm. Not much, but considering the size of my transmitting coil it's quite good.

In the video I just explain how the thing works and show that it actually transmits electricity without using wires. If you don't understand Lithuanian, just skip the talking bit.